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Old Unresolved Chronic Pains
Without Medication
Surgery, Exercise, Injections

Using the Body's Intelligence

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My Story

My Story

Ashish’s journey began after he was diagnosed with severe cervical and lumbar disc issues. This was the result of three years of intense workouts during the time when Ashish joined his local gym to build a muscular physique.

He was prescribed physical therapy and painkillers to manage his pain, but they never really went away. Even after more than two years of therapy, Ashish recalls that his pains would return at the change of seasons, and small tasks like lifting his cabin luggage or even wearing a heavy jacket would simply put him back on bed rest.

This was the time when Ashish became determined to find a solution to become pain-free and lead a normal life. He tried several therapies and even learned energy healing among other modalities in 2008. He found that he could really help people break free from the cycle of chronic pain, all, except himself.

Finally, in 2011–2012, Ashish came across an elderly gentleman who managed to treat Ashish’s recurring pains in just three sessions. Inspired by such a treatment without any exercise or medications or yoga or meditation, Ashish was filled with a new zeal to live his life to the fullest.


This miracle gave him a new perspective and a renewed sense of hope, which led him on the path to becoming a therapist, so that he couldsave other people not waste years in pain like he had to endure and he started learning the nuances of the treatment soon.

Soon Ashish started learning under the guidance of the noble gentleman who treated him and began advancing in the world of health. He started learning more and more through books, pursued various courses, and learned under the tutelage of renowned doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, acupressurists, reflexologists and healers across India.

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