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Let Ashish Mishra help you ....

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Being one of India's Leading

Face Reflexologist - Ashish has

helped hundreds of high performance 

business owners & professionals win

back their normal lives from

muscular pains and unresolved health


He can help you too!

Take a deep Breath and check if these sound familiar to you

Popped Painkiller Tablets

Got Hard Massages

Followed Advice from everyone

Visited Experts

Followed Online tips

Used body Braces

Done heavy Stretching


Quit all efforts

Cursed Life

Felt Sad, Angry, Miserable, Lonely & DepressedMisunderstood

& Lost

If all or most of the above is true, then....

It is high-time you seek help from Ashish Mishra who has a proven
track-record of hand-holding and take his clients out of these challenges with ease.

After 6 months of visiting all doctors, physiotherapists and trying everything for my frozen shoulder,
I had lost all hope and thought I wouldn't be able to draw easily or lead a normal life again.
With very slim hope, I tested Ashish and to my surprise, in just a few sessions it was like I never had a frozen shoulder ever,
that too without exercises or pain. And its been more than 19 months now.
What he did, cannot be paid back in money.
Today as a Reflexologist, he is my GO to person for me and my family's health.

Architect Rohit Nagia

Metricchant Design Attributes

Stop Worrying,
Stop Chasing,
Start Living

If you have a unresolving body pain, stiffness, heaviness and have been suffering for years or any unsolved health issue

and if that has turned into emotional sadness, then it can seriously affect your complete health and have a massive impact on your future.

It may even lead to a situation where:


It becomes Difficult to handle Daily Tasks 

Physical limitations on simple activities like walking, bending, or lifting objects becomes difficult and painful, reducing independence.  It also impacts cognitive function, concentration, and emotional well-being, making it difficult to focus or engage fully in tasks. It can disrupt sleep patterns, further aggravating physical and mental fatigue. 


Impact of an Individual's pains on the family

Alongside the practical challenges of providing care, emotional strain and financial burdens often emerge. Family members feel overwhelmed and lost as they juggle responsibilities. Furthermore, this can strain family relationships, leading to tensions and disruptions within the household. Children, especially get traumatized by observing such instances in the household. Spouses and their children bear the brunt of it, possibly leading to dysfunctional families in future


Cascading effects on Business and Profession

With a high-intensity business or profession, the constant discomfort and fatigue can hinder concentration, focus, and decision-making abilities, with restrict mobility and endurance, limiting the individual's capacity to engage in tasks that require prolonged periods of sitting, standing, or physical exertion. Moreover, the mental and emotional toll of chronic pain can lead to decreased motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. 


Additional Emotional Consequences

Feelings of guilt and shame may arise as they perceive themselves as burdens or failures, unable to fulfill their roles and responsibilities effectively. The constant pain and resulting limitations may trigger feelings of frustration, helplessness, and despair, leading to depression and anxiety. Witnessing the strain on their family and business due to their condition can exacerbate these emotions, amplifying their sense of inadequacy and isolation. Despite their best efforts to cope, the emotional toll of chronic pain can deeply affect their self-esteem, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Simply put – One Unforgiving health issue can destroy an entire family, business!

You probably are 
Getting Overbooked with business,

Flush with money,

Kids settled,

Spouse happy,

Big house,

Big cars,

Exotic holidays,

Name and Fame everywhere

And somehow bearing unresolving body pains and can't enjoy..... and

Feeling you are a 40 year old in a 60 year old body

But thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel,

There is an expert who can help you come out of your physical pains 



As a Pain Management Reflexologist, he specializes in solving unsolved high intensity body chronic pains using natural holistic methods.

Ashish is the go-to therapist for businessmen, high paced professionals & sports persons.

He has over 15+ years of experience helping individuals overcome their pains & creating awareness and self maintenance patterns in them so that they don't need to be dependent on him.

Despite completing his MBA & multiple IT courses, Ashish's journey started young, with him experiencing severe spine issues for more than 10 years because of improper exercises. After finally becoming pain-free himself, he took it on himself to make the world better and not let others go through what he had to.

​With a track record of assisting over 3500 patients in managing chronic pain and enhancing overall well-being, Ashish's approach focuses on creating awareness and self-maintenance patterns, empowering individuals to regain control of their health. His extensive background in both business management and IT, coupled with his profound understanding of the human body, enables him to offer comprehensive and personalized care.

Ashish's therapeutic style is characterized by non-sugar-coated advice, deep intense therapy sessions, and genuine empathy, ensuring transformative results on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. He takes immense pride in witnessing the reduction of pain, depression, and stress, and the emergence of smiles and harmony within families.

No wonder, today he is among the most sought-after Health Magician every entrepreneur wants beside him.

Ashish collaborates closely with individuals who embrace his treatments and are committed to implementing his systems into their lives. Through thorough assessment and personalized care plans, Ashish delivers tangible value and lasting relief to each client he serves.

He takes great pride when

the pain reduces

depression & sadness reduces

Frown reduces

Smile appears

The family becomes less stressed then-> especially spouse and children -> make families bearable again

Sanjay AeronGeo  Constech Pvt Ltd

I was always feeling tired and unmotivated despite being overbooked.
Not only did he make me painfree physically and released so much emotional trauma that even I didn't know I carried, that I am convinced he is a magician.
PS - I wasted so much of my money, I completely stopped visiting my therapist in Canada, whom I had already paid in advance for a year.

Anand Bajoria   Skicorp Group

Ashish is a MAGICIAN, he does what NO doctor ,NO physiotherapist in India can do. Ashish’s helped me for acute pains in neck & shoulder and knees – which could not be fixed even by taking medicines, visiting physiotherapists and Ashish relieved me of pains in few sessions only and in couple of months it completely went away. It’s been more than ten months now, I don’t find any pains recouping.
Ashish doesn’t just treats the problem, he finds the real cause.

Shefali Tripathi Career Genii

His diagnostic and treatment methods are unreal and he makes you aware of tightness and pains in the body which you never thought existed and I mean real pain. He not only removes the pain, but the emotions behind the pain.
The fact that emotional pains/trauma can be stored in the skin was just unbelievable and he could remove it so easily.


If you're interested in learning more about my Pain Management Reflexology therapy or would like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


+91 98101 53055



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